25 Sincerely Yours by Deborah Amor

Directed by Deborah Amor

29-31st August, 2013, Felpham Village Hall


Deborah’s highly acclaimed series of monologues, In Confidence, premiered at the Westergate Drama Studios in October 2002. Further success followed in 2003 with In Confidence Too and Being Perfectly Frank as part of the Chichester Festivities in 2004. In the same year, A Cupboard Under The Stairs premiered in Bosham. This was a play written out of necessity, there being too few good roles for women! Both the Arundel and West Wittering Players subsequently commissioned the play in 2005 and 2006 respectively. In May 2005, Deborah wrote and Directed The People’s War – A Celebration, which formed part of the 60th anniversary celebrations for VE Day, and, in 2006, wrote and directed Á La Carte for the Chichester Festivities. In 2006, she wrote Tinsel, a play for the Christmas season, which premiered in Tangmere the same year. The Regis Players’ 2010 production of Tinsel earned her an Accolade of Excellence from NODA, and subsequently led to the script being published by Stage Scripts. She has recently finished Stemms and Borders, a script for a television sit-com.
Her play, A Cupboard Under The Stairs, received critical acclaimed when performed here in April this year, and she remains indebted to the Regis Players for their continued support and faith in her!



– featuring Deborah Amor as Amelia Richmond Amelia has the ‘perfect’ marriage to her handsome, ambitious husband. To help his career, she agrees to work in a children’s Hospice shop.


– featuring Ruth Roberts as Imogen Henwick
Not all students enrolled in this acting course are useless: some of them have to work at it.


– featuring Sue Bartlett as Cynthia Felton Set in the late 1990s. Having spent most of her life caring for her sick father and invalided mother. Cynthia Felton eventually gets away for that holiday of a lifetime.


– featuring Angie Willsher as Lizzie Grendon Elizabeth has inherited her late father’s house- and also a garden that just won’t grow.

The Regis Players
Sincerely Yours

Reviewed by: Jose Harrison
Venue: Felpham Village Hall
Type of Production: Monologues
Director: Deborah Amor


Can you imagine walking out onto an empty stage alone without any scenery and just a table and chair and holding the attention of your audience for nearly half an hour. These four incredible performers each held their audience spellbound with brilliant monologues written by Deborah Amor, a very talented member of their society. She is becoming well known in the area for well written, funny and thought provoking plays and these were certainly all of that. She performed the first one ‘Fitted Carpets’ herself, dividing the life history of Amelia into four or five different time plans spanning about 6 months in total. Amelia is the wife of Jeremy, a middle class over controlling man who insists that his wife starts doing a few hours a week in a children’s Hospice shop run by his boss’s wife. The steady change in Amelia was cleverly reflected in every facial expression and bit of body language. This was followed by a first class act describing that not all students in Imogen’s acting course are useless. Some of them have to work at it! Ruth Roberts was a sheer joy to watch as she portrayed a very young member of the group discussing and explaining the quirks and peculiarities of her fellow students. She personified the young flighty and hopeful ‘star’ of the future without once getting out of her chair, holding the audience’s total attention from start to finish. After the interval Sue Bartlett came on stage and told us that she has just returned to the home she shares with her mother after ‘The Holiday of a Lifetime’. It was set in the 1990s and she portrayed a spinster in her middle age whose life has consisted of caring for her elderly parents. Her mother was still alive and had been bed-ridden for some years. The glorious ‘twist in the tale’ was performed to perfection. This great evening’s entertainment was completed by Angie Willsher telling the story of ‘Wind Chimes’. Although this tale bore some resemblances to the previous one being the life of someone who had cared for her widowed father until his recent death, this one was far less factual and slightly whimsical giving a light finish to a very varied evening. All four of these monologues were beautifully written and movingly performed by four exceedingly talented actresses.

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