15 Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn (Felpham)

Directed by Peter Green and John Covey

7-8 May, 2011, Felpham Village Hall


Confusions is a play by Alan Ayckbourn consisting of a series of five interconnected one-act plays. The scenes are all loosely linked by characters or locations, but riotously, and with sharply pointed undertones, with human eccentricities and the dilemma of loneliness.

The five plays call for a minimum of five actors but in this production the twenty three parts are shared with seventeen members to showcase the acting talents of the Society. Not to be missed!

Mother Figure
Neglected by philandering traveller husband Harry, Lucy has ‘reverted’ to being a total mother figure. She spends so much time at home with the three children that she’s started to treat everyone – even the next-door neighbours the same.

Lucy – Lucinda Dealove
Rosemary – Sandy Knight
Terry – Peter Green
Directed by John Covey

Drinking Companion
Away on business Harry tries his charms on perfume demonstrator Paula staying in the same hotel. The arrival of Paula’s more experienced friend Bernice affects Harry’s seduction plans.

Harry – Doug Hammond
Paula – Abbi Holdsworth
Bernice – Becky Moore
Waiter – John Covey
Directed by Peter Green

Between Mouthfuls
In the same hotel dining-room are two couples Mr and Mrs Pearce and Polly and Martin, each table unaware of the other’s presence. The waiter manfully tries to deal with the meal requirements but food is the last thing on the minds of the diners with the rapidly deteriorating relationships at each table.

Waiter – Trevor Roman
Pearce – Clive Curtis
Mrs Pearce – Liz McNally
Martin – Steve Hutchings
Polly – Becky Moore
Directed by John Covey

Gosforth’s Fête
Mrs Pearce is the guest speaker at a charity ‘do’ organized by whirlwind publican Gosforth and aided by his helper Millie and her cubmaster fiancé Stewart. Rain, the Vicar, naughty cubs and an electrifying experience by Mrs Pearce ensure the event is a hilarious shambles.

Mrs Pearce – Julia Webb
Milly – Deborah Addicott
Gosforth – John Covey
Vicar – David Rosser
Stewart – Chris Armstead
Directed by Peter Green